Branding and Identity

Our strategy is unconventional. It is not an “assembly line” approach to developing brands. It’s a real-world, responsive strategy that adapts to your brand.

No two people are the same, even identical twins are different in their own ways. Similarly, no two companies are the same. You and your competition may be selling a similar product, but your brand’s DNA is different, and we help you leverage that.

A down and dirty, roll in the mud, approach

We listen. We learn. We explore.

AMH Creative engages all of our clients in a hands-on method. We listen – to you and your team, your brand’s ideals, your brand’s strengths, your weaknesses, your culture , where you’ve been and where you’re going;  we believe stories matter. We learn – AMH Creative will explore every facet of your brand and dig deep to find the core of your brand DNA. We explore – opportunities to help grow your brand’s identity through strategic research and market analysis.

More than just a pretty face.

Your brand is more than a logo and tagline. Your brand is the way your target market perceives you, and your reputation. You have to be engaging. You have to be unique. You have to be irresistible. We help our clients to create an authentic brand that goes beyond the visuals. Everything you communicate, has to be aligned with your Brand DNA. What you represent to your target has to be genuine and captivating. Undoubtedly, creative development that will align with your brand is vital, but we also strive to establish a consistent and unique message that will resonate in your industry. Your brand has a voice, let it be heard.

Did we light a fire in you to ignite your brand?