Build a Website

2.4 BILLION {yes, billion} people use the internet across the world. And 70% of them use it on a daily basis. Is your web presence effective?

Every year hundreds of companies lose potential revenue from users due to a poor website experience. Don’t be another statistic.

Programming. User Interface Design. Developing. CSS. Cross-Platform Compatibility. Content Management Systems. The list of words go on and on. We’re not here to “WOW” you with an extensive list of buzzwords like other agencies do. We’re here to educate you and build a long-lasting relationship. Like every service we offer, we take a hands-on approach to integrating our clients into the project. We’ve discovered that when we take a collaborative approach with the client, we can create a more authentic experience for the user.

Every website design project we take on with a client is with two goals in mind:


Craft an online experience that reflects the brand


Creatively Engage the User to Drive Revenue

We understand that your company’s website is a vital tool for generating new business. Many look to it as a primary source of credibility, offerings or products, or examples of your capabilities. Every day millions of users journey to the internet to research a company or organization to further educate themselves before making a decision. At AMH we believe in creating web experiences that not only inform, but also motivate users to take action. Don’t you think it’s your turn to take action?